Heat Transfer Labels

Heat Transfer Labels can provide overall cost-savings for multiple color graphics

Argent’s heat transfer labels are the newest addition to our product line and they will definitely turn some Med_Midpageheads. Not just because of the brilliant graphic images and crisp text; along with the pleasing aesthetics comes incredible performance, long term durability and cost savings. Now that’s a striking image that sticks, permanently!

Features and Benefits

• Rich, vibrant, full color and B/W graphic images and text
• No discernible graphic edge – sits flush to surface
• Ultra conformable – for flat or curved surfaces
• Can be applied to virtually any substrate (textured or smooth), including: Thermoplastics, Rubbers, Fabrics, Metals (Painted & Unpainted)
• Extremely durable – Heat, chemical, stain, U.V. and abrasion resistant
• Impossible to remove without destroying substrate*
• Applies with common hot stamping type equipment with a 3.0″ stroke or greater
• New application equipment is reasonably priced and simple to set-up and operate (requires simple fixtures to nest parts to be decorated)
• Typical thermoplastic and cloth parts requires a temp of 280o – 310o F and a 2.0 – 4.0 second dwell time application pressures vary with substrates and graphic size)
• Image to part tolerance is +/- .015″
• Heat Transfer Graphics can provide overall cost savings for multiple color graphics when compared to direct silkscreen decorating, pad printing and heat applied labels

Typical Heat Transfer Label Automotive Applications

• Sun Visors Warning Labels
• Interior Trim Components
• Spare Tire Covers / Trunk
• Airbag / Side Air Curtain
• Seat Belt Webbing
• Driver / Passenger Seating
• Child Seats
• Interior Trim Decoration

Some of our
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