Automotive labels so durable, they won’t need a tune-up.Tapes and Labels for Automotive - Argent Tape & Label


Detroit is synonymous with the production and manufacturing of American automobiles and as a metro-Detroit company, we’ve been helping automotive companies with their labeling needs for decades.  At Argent we stay on top of the latest automotive trends and carry only the most advanced products and labels. Let’s face it if a metro-Detroit company doesn’t know the automotive industry, who does?

When it comes to automotive tape and labels, performance is key. Automotive labels and products must be built to survive extreme conditions without fading or losing their adhesion. At Argent, our labels and 3M products are built for the fast lane. We offer durable labels that stick to any surface that conform to the tough automotive specs our labels are asked to endure. From a simple one-color label to a four-color process label, we can provide a solution to every sticky automotive application you can imagine. Now it’s your turn to get behind the wheel and see what we can do. Take us for a test drive.