What’s small, strong, and sticks with you? Argent Tape and Label.

At Argent, we know all about close bonds. We’re a small, tight-knit company and we’re very attached to our customers. When you contact us, you’ll always be connected to someone who is an expert on every product that we carry and who cares deeply about helping you find exactly the product or service that you need. Learn more about us and our team at Argent!

What makes us unique?

We’re a small, woman-owned company (WBENC certified) with an Open Book Management (OBM) culture that allows every employee to understand and take part in the financial and managerial aspects of our business. Every one of our employees thinks like an owner and has a real stake in making our business the best it can be. Just as we like to communicate and get feedback from our employees, we value our clients and listen carefully to what they need and what they have to say.

Corporate Citizenship:

Supplier Diversity Program: Argent works with a growing number of minority-owned businesses. Our suppliers include a variety of local small businesses.

ATL’s Community Involvement:  We proudly support a number of organizations which make a difference in our local and national communities.
▪ Wounded Warriors
▪ Alternatives for Girls
▪ Argent Learns
▪ Argent Cares
▪ The Red Cross

History & Biographymachine2 copy

  • 1995:  Year Established
  • 2010:  Ownership Change
  • Current:
    ▪ Expanded customer base
  • ▪ Increased sales from 2010 by over 400%
  • ▪ Added global sales reps and new employees
  • ▪ Obtained certification as WBENC
  • ▪ TS/ISO 16949 and 14001 certified

In January 2010 ownership changed, the new business was to become a WBENC company. As such, total financial responsibility fell on me. As the owner, I have implemented Open Book Management, which is a management style that engages employees and encourages them to think like owners. This allowed ATL an opportunity to go where no label company has gone before.

Since February 2010, Argent Tape and Label has continued to increase sales. Sales in 2011 broke the $2M mark and then exceeded the $3M mark in 2012. Keeping with the trend, we topped the $4M mark in 2013, 2014, 2015, $5.4M for 2016, $6M for 2017 and a goal of $7M in 2018. Under my leadership, corporate restructuring has resulted in a demonstration of our team’s core competencies and resulted in mutual trust between Argent and its customer’s. Employees have contributed to process efficiencies enabling a cost competitive advantage resulting in increased sales.

In addition to being a certified WBENC, we are also a certified WOSB. ATL has won many awards including Top 50 Companies to watch in Michigan, the All Star Award from the Great Game of Business, The Top Achiever Award from CEED and we have been currently named as a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Our Team is living up to our Mission Statement: “To Go Where No Label Company Has Gone Before”.

-Lynn Perenic

100% Customer Satisfaction

We pledge to our customers a dedication to ensure the highest level of quality assurance, lowest possible cost and precise on-time delivery of our products and services. This dedication provides long term security for our customers, employees and owners.

  • ▪ 100% on-time delivery
  • ▪ Meet or Exceed customer requirements
  • ▪ 100% customer satisfaction
  • ▪ Continuously improve in quality, price and delivery
  • ▪ Argent Tape & Label is ISO TS16949 Certified

Argent Tape and Label IATF 16949 Certificate

Environmental Policy

Argent is committed to its role in protecting the environment by embracing sound environmental practices that respect the well-being of all interested parties. Environmental policies are consistent with that as required by law coupled with sound business practices and economic practicability. It is the responsibility of all employees to conduct themselves according to policies established by the organization.

Argent and its employees will strive to:

  • Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.
  • Encourage and promote waste minimization, energy efficiency, resource conservation and end of life issues – recycling and disposal.
  • Review and continuously improve environmental management systems to support the integration of environmental considerations such as prevention of pollution into business decisions and planning activities.

Argent will appropriately share information on its environmental efforts with all interested parties and regulatory authorities.

Argent Tape and Label’s ISO 14001 Certificate

We love to listen and want to help. Speak to an expert about your project today!

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